10 reasons why interactive knowledge articles boost CX

interactive knowledge articles boost CX

For a business to succeed, having the best product isn’t sufficient. It needs to build happy and loyal customers alongside. As per the study, 80% customers value customer experience as much as the product they offer.

knowledgebase articles are an effective way to improve your customer support. Having easy access to a knowledge base support can easily resolve customers’ queries. 

Not just for when they face any problem, but also to help customers guide towards problems they’re likely to face.

The customers need not reach out to your support team, the knowledge base gives them the freedom to search for the answer all by themselves.

So in the article, we’ll discuss how interactive knowledge base articles boost CX.

What is an interactive knowledge base article?

A knowledge base article is a collection of information that guides users to find solutions for various concerns. Be it in the form of articles, videos, infographics, etc. The main purpose of having a knowledge base is to make information consumption convenient.

Your staff uses it as a database of answers to deal with customers whereas customers use it for self-service information.

A good knowledge base article should be simple as it speaks to a wide range of people from a complete no voice to experts. It must include wider topics that users should know or any issue that they might face without ignoring the interesting and engaging elements.

10 reasons why you need to use interactive knowledge base articles for CX

Creating a knowledgebase isn’t an easy task. It requires a great strategy and time to manage.

However, if your business is able to implement a knowledgebase, it can have an extremely positive effect on the quality and efficiency of your customer experience. Let us see why.

1. 24/7 support

Interactive knowledgebase articles are available 24/7. Customers can make information accessible from any place, any device.

If your client base is scattered across the globe, they can consume content at any time of day or night. It automatically increases customer experience.

Being available 24/7 and offering assistance demonstrates that you truly care about customers and prioritize their needs.

Offering assistance around the clock goes a long way in maintaining a better response rate and minimizing wait times across channels.

2. Offer high-quality support at scale

Under normal circumstances, a company with less than 50 customers finds it easy to provide sufficient support to any customer that needs it. 

At this stage, response time is low, customers get help from the representative real quickly. But what happens when the business has more than 10,000 daily active users? Is it possible to maintain the standards?

That is when the knowledge base has huge importance. A study says 69% of customers like resolving their problems themselves. That means if customers find resources online, they will try to find the solutions themselves before calling customer support. 

A knowledge base provides an opportunity to serve thousands of customers at once with all the information they need.

3. All useful information in one place

As Interactive knowledge base is a useful resource for both employees and customers.

New employees can train faster and cheaper as compared to sending them to a traditional classroom. This is because, with a single login, they can have direct access to all the information.

Even existing employees can have access to guides and tutorials as they need to resolve tickets or handle bugs in the system.

4. Help reduce phone calls.

Most people visit the company’s website before they call to get support. A well-documented knowledge base can prevent such a situation from happening. A study shows, 89% of millennials use search engines before making a call to customer service for any queries.

When you organize your website with an interactive knowledge base, its usefulness increases. As a result, the number of calls decreases remarkably.

But to make this happen, you will have to arrange the articles in the system to make navigation easier.

And make sure that you provide accurate answers and keep your articles updated along with features of the latest version of your product.

5. Manage customers’ problems in a proactive manner

Customers are no longer fond of just reactive customer support service. They appreciate and expect solutions beforehand. And business capable of doing so earns loyalty and good reviews.

So, if you’re expecting growth in your business, anticipate your customer’s needs and offer proactive solutions to their problems.

An interactive knowledge base includes solutions to the problems that customers are more likely to face. Instruction videos, infographics, audios, etc are interactive features that bring more value to the customer’s table.

6. Product demonstration

At times, customers expect slightly more detailed product explanations before making any purchase. A demo video can be very helpful as compared to a written description.

An interactive knowledgebase makes customers understand all the ways they can use products. It drives purchases by helping customers clear doubts regarding the product. And with a clear demonstration, it enables customers make the right choice. 

7. Drive long-term results

Knowledgebase articles answer common questions customers have.

If you create valuable content for your target audience regularly, it will have a positive impact in the eyes of your audience. You’ll be seen as an industry leader or authority.

The blog you create, videos, infographics, and documents makes the learning easier. It has a huge impact on customers, it clears the doubts in no time. It might also help you close many deals.

And establishing authority has a long-term impact.

8. Better engagement, happier customer

Employees engage better with your firm if there is a comprehensive and transparent knowledgebase system. Happier employees are more likely to stick with your organization for longer. There’s more job satisfaction when employees feel an integral part of your organization and its culture.

Happier customers will also offer better engagement to the customers which in turn increases customer satisfaction. Therefore a good knowledge base makes the whole staff and customer happy.

9. Educate and engage readers

The interactive knowledge base is a great source to increase customer awareness. It shows how businesses can offer a great solution to their issues. It gives them an idea of what business is about, its expertise, etc.

Knowledgebase articles not just educate the user about the business but also sincerely focuses on a customer’s pain point and offer a solution. It helps to build trust in the readers.

Happy customers don’t hesitate to leave comments which act as feedback.

10. Consistency in communication

Let’s take a situation where a customer speaks to a sales representative before making a purchase. The customer gets convinced that the product is suitable for the specific problem. When the product doesn’t work, he calls different customer support and gets a different fix. It goes on like that and the customer gets frustrated.

The inconsistent disjointed customer experience is the result of departments relying on different sources of information. Not only does it create a bad customer experience, but it also hurts your brand reputation. As a result, you lose customers to competitors.

A knowledge base provides companies with one central source of information that all team members can access. This means every member is consuming the same information and is aware of how other teams are communicating with customers and prospects. It leads to a unified and consistent customer experience.

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Types of knowledgebase articles

There are two types of knowledgebase articles which are discussed below

Internal knowledgebase

The internal knowledgebase is a digital library for internal use, that is for staff within the organization.

As it’s not just customers who are always curious. Even employees end up having confusion and have questions.

Not having an internal knowledge base leads to a chaotic situation. An employee has to call the IT department and sit on hold or reach out to their colleagues to seek help. Helping each other might seem healthy, but at times, it’s frustrating and time-consuming.

An Optimized knowledgebase is a solution for all that hindrances. It ensures quick access, accurate and updated information, and relevant answers all in one place. Customers

External knowledge base 

The external knowledgebase is designed to assist users outside the organization, they can be website visitors and customers.

The information stored for the external knowledge base is mostly distributed with the help of chatbots or AI-powered search bars. Chatbots allow customers to help themselves to fetch answers to common questions.

This conversational AI uses NLU( natural language understanding) to figure out the intent of customers’ queries and search the knowledgebase to get answers. This means the customer knowledge base should contain the information for the queries that the chatbot anticipates.

You should keep in mind that the information is up-to-date, simple, and easy to navigate while building the external knowledge base.


Troubleshooting can be a headache, but smooth interactive guides can transform the overall look of customer support. Add your knowledgebase articles to DeepConverse guides if you’re looking forward to delivering outstanding interactive customer support. You can create an updated interactive guide with zero coding skills and see the knowledge base reflect your brand through personalization.

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