How to integrate AI Chatbot with Zendesk?

zendesk AI chatbot integration

As businesses scale, so does their customer support queries. And with it, the number of unanswered tickets, the time customers are kept on hold, the burden on agents, and much more. Business growth directly impacts the customer experience. Zendesk chatbot integration helps in managing this expansion. 

Integrating an AI chatbot with Zendesk is a potent mix of data and intelligent conversations to improve customer support. The integration enables businesses to retrieve information from the ticketing platform and respond to chatbot users instantly with relevant details. 

On the one hand, it enables self-service for L1 queries, personalizes customer communication, and intelligently connects users to suitable agents. For agents. it improves productivity by removing repetitive and frequently asked questions and empowering them with a unified customer profile. 

You could say it’s an all-in-one solution to help you overcome your customer service challenges. This article dives deep into how to boost your customer experience with the Zendesk AI chatbot. 

What is Zendesk Chat?

Zendesk Chat (previously known as Zopin) is the live chat software from Zendesk, the world’s leading ticketing platform. In traditional support, users would dial up a toll free number to connect with the call center. In this system, they would spend a lot of time on waiting to be connected to an agent. With tech advancements, users have the option to connect with an agent through a chatbot platform in real-time, which means no wait time. 

Unlike Zendesk Messaging (an automated bot responder), Zendesk Chat allows users to connect with real humans. Since 45% of users prefer talking to a human and 24% select a mix of a bot and human representatives, integrating your AI chatbot with Zendesk Chat will considerably boost your customer satisfaction scores. 

While we understand different solutions from Zendesk, let’s also talk about Sunshine Conversations, which is the underlying platform for Zendesk Messaging. As the core engine, Sunshine Conversations allows users to customize their Messaging chatbots’ appearance, use rich media such as carousels, and sell and promote products. 

Why do you need to integrate DeepConverse with Zendesk?

Zendesk is one of the leading ticketing platforms in the world. The most significant advantage you get from this integration is a centralized view of all support tickets created from different channels. 

But why DeepConverse, you ask? While the above benefit is universal, there are some advantages you’ll see exclusively with DeepConverse. Businesses can boost their customer experience on AI chatbots by employing features such as:

  • Bot Builder: This simple drag-and-drop bot builder allows you to customize your conversation flow as per your need and set it up quickly. 
  • Live Chat: Customers still want to connect to real humans, and this feature seamlessly hands over the chat to one, along with details customers have shared with the bot. 
  • Advanced Insights: The bot collects customers’ data, such as type of query, time of chat, etc. When organized well, this data is a treasure trove, and the DeepConverse dashboard does just that, allowing you to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Multi-platform support: Your customers don’t come from one source. They connect with your platform on different channels. With this feature, you can resolve customer queries on platforms they prefer, e.g., websites, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. 

How to integrate AI chatbot with Zendesk? (step-by-step guide)

Zendesk bot integration with DeepConverse is simple and easy to set up. To begin, you need to create a connection with Zendesk from Admin Dashboard. Then follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Account section
  2. Click on Add Connection to add the connection
  3. Select ZENDESK connector
  4. Provide the connection name
  5. Select Authorization Type 
    • OAuth2
    • Public API
    • APIToken

OAuth2 and PublicApi:

For the “OAuth” and “PublicAPI” authorization types, provide your Zendesk account subdomain

If the help center URL is subdomain value is xyz123


For the “APIToken” authorization type, provide

  1. Subdomain  – Zendesk account subdomain
  2. If the help center URL is subdomain value is xyz123
  3. Email – email address registered in Zendesk account
  4. Access token –
    > get an access token from your Zendesk dashboard (
    > go to Admin > Channels > API > Settings
  5. Add API Token
  6. Use the API Token as Access Token
  7. Click on Link Account
    deepconverse zendesk platform linking
  8. Log in with your Zendesk account credentials
    deepconverse login for zendesk integration
  9. Allow access for permissions.
    allowing permission for deepconverse zendesk integration
  10. Click on Test Connection to test the response of your connection.
    successfully chatbot is integrated

Voila! It’s done.

Benefits of integrating Zendesk with DeepConverse

Now let’s look at the most important part. The benefits you get with DeepConverse’s intelligent AI and Zendesk’s ticketing platform integration. 

AI chatbot can :

  • Automate up to 80% of repetitive customer queries
  • Personalize customer communication and improve CX
  • Reduce load on agents and boost their productivity

But those are on the CX front. There are some technical benefits, too, such as:

Security: DeepConverse secures customer communication by complying with regional data regulation laws.

No code: Users can set up the Zendesk chatbot integration in no time with DeepConverse’s no-code platform. 

API ready: Zendesk bot integration is easy with DeepConverse’s ready-to-use API. 

Hassle-free setup: Businesses can independently set up Zendesk chat integration without developer help. 

In short, you can set up your bot quickly and start engaging users seamlessly. 


1. Can a non-technical person do the integration? 

Yes, with DeepConverse’s no-code and ready-to-use API keys, you don’t need a developer to set up the Zendesk chat AI integration. 

2. How can I search and show articles from Zendesk? 

You can share your Zendesk – Help Articles within the AI chatbot through the Zendesk Subdomain and DeepConverse’s Add-On Feature. Read here to know how.  

3. How to handoff conversations to the Zendesk AI chatbot? 

Sometimes, a chat needs to be escalated to a human agent. To enable that, connect the Zendesk Chat Widget Handover add-on to the chatbot flow by following the steps here

If you are still looking for a solution to your query, you can check our help section to find all the related questions to Zendesk integration.

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